Monday 11th November
Armistice Day &
Antibullying Week

Our Classes – Brilliant Bears

Brilliant Bears

The children in our nursery are 3-4 years old. Their teacher is Miss Holmes.

The Brilliant Bears follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum and staff embrace the children’s natural desire to investigate, explore and communicate. The children are taught in a separate, purpose built nursery building designed to allow the children to grow and flourish within all seven areas of learning.

The atmosphere is safe and nurturing and a wide range of stimulating resources, engaging activities and scope for adventurous and imaginative play are offered, both indoors and outdoors.

Additional information relating to the curriculum will be given at new starters’ meetings, parent share days and through school and class newsletters.

What should I be able to do in Nursery ?

An Active Learner

I need to look and listen
I need to touch and try
I want to smell and sample
And ask and question “WHY?”


Give me the time to wonder
To imagine and pretend
Space to run and bend and stretch
Share secrets with a friend


I want to hold and handle
I must play to understand
For I need to know so many things
To find out who I am