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Monday 29 April 2019
Summer Term

Our Classes – Fantastic Foxes

Fantastic Foxes

The children in our Key Stage 1 class are aged 6-7 years. Their teacher is Miss Jones.

The Fantastic Foxes Key Stage 1 class fulfils the aims and objectives of the National Curriculum through a topic based, creative curriculum that is steered by the children’s interests and needs. All objectives are taught in a way that enthuse and motivate the children. Within this class there is a strong emphasis on stories and staff aim to captivate the children in the wonders of reading from an early age. Basic skills’ teaching is paramount in developing appropriate skills, knowledge and understanding for competence in the end of Key Stage Standard Assessment Tests (SATs). The classroom is carefully planned and well organised to promote independence, celebrate achievement and allow investigation and creativity.

AAdditional information relating to the curriculum will be given at new starters’ meetings, parent share days and through school and class newsletters.

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